Short Fiction

The Storm’s Symphony (2010)

The Storm’s Symphony plays plop, plop, flash, boom. Listen to it play.

Killer Lolita (2014)

Earl likes Lolita girls – likes to kill them. What happens when he picks his newest target? Mature Subject Matter.

Midnight Love (Short Series)

Her Beat Up Red Chevy (Part 1)

He never knew her name but she slipped into his life at the toll booth with her beat up red Chevy. He’d feel a smile break out on his face as she rolled down her window. Then one night she didn’t come.


Sister, I See You (2014)

A poem about watching an older sister grow up. Dedicated to my sister.

The Death of the English Student (2014)

The life of any university student is hard, especially the English student.

Queen’s King (2015)

A queen wants equality with her king.

Changing Woman  (2014)

Waiting for a man or moving on, this woman needs a change. Historically inspired.

Hallowe’en Approaches (2014)

Hallowe’en is coming.

Works In Progress

Blood of the Half-Elf

Book 1 of the Half-Elf series. Aura doesn’t know she is a Half-Elf until her mysterious father shows up to take her away to Amaranthine Bay, a town filled with the supernatural who co-exist. But her human ancestry won’t be tolerated by her new Elven friends and must be hidden, except a Vampire, William, learns the truth. Soon things change for Aura and she must break the rules to gain new friendships and survive against a dangerous Vampire, Dante, and even her new friend William’s thirst for her blood.