About Author

You really, really want to know about me? The face behind the posts and the computer screen?

20160708_180759I’m J.D. Millington. I write fantasy, paranormal romance, and flash fiction. I occasionally dabble in poetry as I love poetic language and inspirational quotes. You’ll probably find quotes from movies, books, and more throughout the site. Also, I swear I’m the only one but I love all these fun and wacky holidays that you can find on any day of the year. Like who doesn’t love the idea of Ice Cream Day or Video Games Day. Personally, I love book days because nothing beats curling up with a book with a hot chocolate or a cup of tea.

I love characters and fantasy worlds, always have. It’s why I love anime, manga, comics, superheroes, television, and of course, all types of literature. I am a casual cosplayer because of that love. It also means I love wigs!

I can’t really sum up who I am in a couple of sentences of paragraphs; I’m a human being and that means I’m complex, just like anyone else. The only thing I can tell you is my passion is my writing. I love words on a page, creating fantasy worlds that people can fall into as easily as breathing.

So follow along on my adventure and my writing.