To The Girl In The Mirror…

Looking into the MirrorTo the girl in the mirror,

If you only see imperfections and call yourself fat or ugly, look again. Keep looking every day and see that moment that maybe you do see cute or beauty in the corner of your mouth and the twinkle in your eye. Find it.

To the girl in the mirror,

It’s okay that you don’t see what your friends see. They aren’t looking for flaws in the lines on your face. They see your beauty more clearly than you.

To the girl in the mirror,

If she stares back with flat eyes and a fake smile, change it. Do something today that makes you love being you. Take a chance, take a risk, and just live. If you can’t today, that’s okay too. Time changes things, situations, appearances, and moments. But hold onto the moments.


To the girl in the mirror,


If for a moment you see maybe a glimmer of cute or beautiful when you take a glance, hold onto that. You are still growing and learning to love yourself. One day you’ll look back and not see so many flaws and just your beauty.

To the girl in the mirror,

You wish the reflection wasn’t a girl, that’s okay. Be you. Embrace who you are. Gender is just a word society has given us. Be bold and be brave because another girl in the mirror will stand with and beside you through it all.

To the girl in the mirror,

You’re trying to be so perfect, it’s anxiety and stress you don’t need. Learn to let go sometimes and it will be hard. Nothing in life is easy.


To the girl in the mirror,

Scars on your wrists showing pain you’ve held inside. Remember you aren’t alone. You are loved even if you don’t feel it. It will get better. There is another side. Take it day by day.

To the girl in the mirror,

Societies view of beauty is narrow. Your skin tone, your hair type, your eye colour, your curves or lack of curves, your weight, your height, your culture…you are beautiful. You don’t have to conform to societies standards of beauty. You are beautiful. Yes, you!

pexels-photo-277062To the girl in the mirror,

Your experiences and your problems are no less than someone else’s. It’s not a competition. We all feel things differently, see things differently, and react to things in different ways. Your pain is valid! Stop comparing your problems to your friends and take the time to take care of you before you help them. Yes, be a little selfish sometimes.

To the girl in the mirror,

Today, your body started telling you, you’re a woman. You feel gross, you feel awkward. You want to hide in a corner rather than do what you have to do. There will be cramps, bloating, and nights where something sweet will only satisfy you. It’s a first of many but please don’t be ashamed or afraid. You’re still the girl you’ve always been, just with a sign of growing up.

heartsickness-lover-s-grief-lovesickness-coupe-50592To the girl in the mirror,

He or she may not love you like you loved them but you will continue to live. At first, it may seem like a hole in your life has been created and it has, but you will love again. Maybe not the next brush with love will be right either but you have loved and will love again and again. Don’t give up.

To the girl in the mirror,

Parents don’t always get it or you. Siblings may not either. That’s okay. Be you. The most awesome version of you! Don’t worry too much about people accepting you, they will either do so in time or they aren’t worth it.

To the girl in the mirror,

Tears flow from your eyes. You fell down, scraped your knee. Maybe Mommy will help you clean it up, kiss it better. Maybe you’ll have to do it yourself. It’s part of growing up. Just remember, you got up this time, and you’ll be back outside playing in moments, injury forgotten. Do this when you’re older, keep going even when you fall down.

pexels-photo-325531To the girl in the mirror,

Growing old is hard. You turn 21 and still think your 19. Turn 30 and think your still 21. So on and so forth this will happen. You’ll mature maybe a little but hold onto childish glee, it makes life happier. Do spontaneous things like dye your hair purple at 50 or get a tattoo at 62. Just enjoy life. Try not to do something you’ll regret or something you’ll regret not doing.

To the girl in the mirror,

You will be many things to many people. Not all roles are obvious and you don’t have to be all society suggestions. Motherhood is optional as is wife.

To the girl in the mirror,


Your friend has turned on you. Called you all sorts of things, told lies about you. They harass you and are slowly started turning others to their way of thinking. Stand up for yourself as best you can. Don’t fire back with lies about them. Let your actions and words speak for you. They aren’t worth the toxicity in your life. Before long, you won’t need them anymore and have truer friends in their place.


To the girl in the mirror,

They call you a victim but it doesn’t describe how violated you feel. Things will never quite be the same. The world will keep moving and you may not want to. You are not alone. Take the time you need but don’t let the label victim be your only definition of yourself. You are more than this and you will rise.

To the girl in the mirror,

I’m sorry for the world you live in. Torn apart by war, disease, hunger, poverty, hate. Words are not always enough, this you know. Actions speak louder to you than others. You may be labeled survivor and you may use it to create action where this inaction. You may change the world.

Girl in the mirror,

Together we can build each other up, rather than tear each other down. We can stand beside one another and take on the world. We can affect change in our friends, our families, our communities, our cities, and our countries. Love, peace, and compassion can change societal views on beauty, labels and definitions, on identity, on sexuality, on the environment… Together, we can change the world but first, the change must start with you.


You can do anything you put your mind to. Now, go do it.




~ Written: July 14, 2017; Edited: July 17, 2017, J.D. Millington

Copyright ©2017 J.D.Millington. All rights reserved. No material on this website may be copied or used in any way without the express prior written consent of the copyright holder.

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