Magic Potion

I want a magic potion. What it is for doesn’t matter. A new life? Sure. Death? Okay. A new body? I can work with that. A new gender? Never been a boy before so sure. A new skill set? Sure. It doesn’t matter what it does as long as something changes.

Life isn’t perfect. We always want something better. Me? I’m just stating the obvious. A magic potion would change everything in an instant, no matter what it did. Heck, it could turn me purple or into a frog and it would’ve changed something. But how would you know? And suddenly you’d be back to wanting another magic potion, wouldn’t we?

A magic potion doesn’t fix anything. It gives the illusion of fixing all our life’s problems. Death is the only one, you could argue “fixes” anything. You no longer have to deal with all the shit that is bogging you down. You could be free but you’d be dead. So is that really a solution?


Course if that potion made you rich or famous, we’d all want it. Or at least, we think we would.

No, the magic potion, I search for isn’t for me. It’s for you. I’m trying to find all the ingredients, the little things and the big to create it for you. Once it’s done, I hope you won’t need it but it’ll be a nice reminder. The magic potion I brew for you is simple. My potion is called “Happy.” Not happiness, no. But simply, happy. Because in the little things and big, in all the ingredients, you’ll have found how to be happy and will no longer search for happiness through all the imperfections of your life.

But you don’t really need me to brew a magic potion for that. It’s already within you. So, my friend, stop pursuing happiness, and simply, be your happy.

~ Written: March 27, 2017; Edited: July 4, 2017, J.D. Millington

Copyright ©2016 J.D.Millington. All rights reserved. No material on this website may be copied or used in any way without the express prior written consent of the copyright holder.

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