The Storm’s Symphony

lightning-199651_1920Rain fell heavily. It sounded like a chorus upon the rooftop. It resembled a thousand tiny feet hitting the ground like obedient soldiers marching. They were the kind of raindrops that came from thick black clouds, the kind of clouds that hide the sky from view. A flicker of light in the clouds illuminated everything below on the earth for but a moment. A low rumbling sound filled the air momentarily blocking out even the sound of the rain. A larger flicker brightened the sky while another louder rumble followed. It sounded much like a symphony playing: plop, plop, flash, boom. The music it made crescendoed as it became fiercer, more passionate and intense. Boom, crash, flash, plop, plop, flash, it performed as it neared its height. With one final crash, it slowed becoming softer, it rocked, it soothed as it played: pitter-patter, flicker, and roll. It continued on slower even: pitter-patter, pitter-patter. Then it gave its final bow as it finished its masterpiece as it drifted off into the distance.

~ Written January 17, 2010, J.D. Millington

Copyright ©2016 J.D.Millington. All rights reserved. No material on this website may be copied or used in any way without the express prior written consent of the copyright holder. 

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